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Loggerhead Creek Shelters

Loggerhead Creek Shelters




Shelter Information:

This site includes two shelters located approximately 12.5 miles downstream of Gravel Landing and 3.5 miles downstream of Staple Fork Landing. Each shelter has room for 8 people and equipment. This set of shelters includes one of the largest sandbars on the canoe trail. Located just downstream of the shelters is Loggerhead Creek which gives the shelters their name. Primitive camping is allowed at shelter locations. For water level information visit USGS water information here.

Camping Shelter Use Rules:

  1. When camping in shelters group size is limited to 8.
  2. Pets are not allowed in Shelters.
  3. No open fires within 20ft of shelters. Cooking stoves are allowed on shelter porches.
  4. No cutting of trees or brush for firewood.
  5. Each party is required to have a compass, map, flashlight, and portable toilet with disposable bags.
  6. Shelters can be reserved for only one night. A group can reserve shelters at different locations when taking multiple night trips. Reservations are from 12 noon to 12 noon the following day. Must have a copy of shelter reservation on person.
  7. Feeding or harassing of wildlife is prohibited. Do not discard garbage or food scraps on or near shelters.
  8. Shelters will be inspected after each use. Damage to the shelters will be assessed and be the responsibility of the user.
  9. Visitors may be held financially responsible for unnecessary rescues.
  10. No alcohol allowed.

Beach Use Rules:

  1. Beach camping is allowed on beaches at shelter locations only.
  2. No reservations required for beach camping.
  3. No limit on group size.
  4. Fires allowed on beaches.
  5. No cutting of trees or brush for firewood.
  6. No alcohol allowed.